What is leadership coaching and how is it beneficial?

 Strategy, execution, creating a vision all begins with clear thinking. You as an executive turn to your leadership coach for clarity of thinking and finding the answers within as you work through your thought process out loud. By asking questions that help you, a leadership coach helps you focus on how to approach the challenges and opportunities facing the organization most effectively. A leader’s first task is to think clearly: the leadership coach is fully present, actively listening and asking questions that allow the leader to gain a clearer, deeper, and broader understanding of his or her situation. What are the key functions that only you as the leader can do? What can be shared or delegated? What resistance needs to be overcome? What is important rather than just urgent? Not a mentor or consultant, rather a leadership coach is the person that listens to you in confidence, non-judgmentally and without any political or power agenda. You have full control over the conversation and full ownership of the outcome.