A healthy organizational climate will balance across the four dimensions of the strategy, organization, operations, and people. The four dimensions pivot on the key variable of trust which forms the center of the model. This balance results in higher levels of team members’ engagement.

Your people will combine and process the following relationships from the general to the specific:

Outcomes: Retention, Productivity, Customer Focus, Future Success

Strategy and Future Success

Strategy: Creating a vision of change and enrolling people in that direction

Future success: Is your organization moving in a sustainable, valuable, direction?

Organization and Customer Focus

Organization: Maintaining focus and adaptability to pursue operational needs

Customer Focus: Do your people perceive a commitment to genuinely care for customers and earning their loyalty?

Operations and Productivity

Operations: Focusing the team to execute effectively

Productivity: Do your people accomplish the work at hand and effectively complete the work that matters?

People and Retention of Employees

People: Building a cohesive team and enabling them to excel

Retention of Employees: How committed are your employees to remaining in your organization?

When working together with us on Organizational Efficacy you will gain the following insights and outcomes.

Insights: Measure key indicators of organizational climate across the enterprise.

Outcomes: Retention, Productivity, Customer Focus, Future Success

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