Team Efficacy measures the drivers of team effectiveness, offering insight into the workplace climate and team dynamics. Climate is an overview of the employees’ relationship with and within the organization. The climate is the context in which employees work each day; research shows climate strongly influences how people perform their jobs.

Your teams will combine and process the following relationships from the general to the specific:

Strategy: Creating a vision of change and enrolling people in that direction

Sustainability: Is the team creating enduring value that withstand the test of time?

Organization: Maintaining focus and adaptability to pursue operational needs

Agility: Does the team nimbly adapt to emerging opportunies and challenges?

Operations: Focusing the team to execute effectively

Results: is the team efficiently and effectively accomplishing its goals?

People: Building a cohesive team and enabling them to excel

Satisfaction: Are the members committed to remaining in the team?

When working together with us on Team Efficacy you will gain the following insights and outcomes.

Insights: Identify opportunities and obstacles for optimal group performance.

Outcomes: Satisfaction, Results, Agility, Sustainability

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