“Your foremost job as a leader is to take care of your own emotional energy and then help orchestrate the energy of those around you.” – Peter Drucker

Why should anyone follow you as a leader? What results are you adding – not as someone who “does a job” but as someone who enables greater performance from others?

An effective leader must be able to set a context where people can excel. This requires balancing organizational and individual needs, strategy and operations. Great leaders have a remarkable mix of vision and practical skill, they have unique insight, but perhaps even more importantly they facilitate others to be effective at something worthwhile.

Your leaders will combine and process the following relationships from the general to the specific:

Strategy and Direction

Strategy: Creating a vision of change and enrolling people in that direction

Direction: Setting a viable powerful vision

Organization and Design

Organization: Maintaining focus and adaptability to pursue operational needs

Design: Managing a smooth workflow with and through people

Operations and Efficacy

Operations: Focusing the team to execute effectively

Efficacy: Generating useful results

People and Influence

People: Building a cohesive team and enabling them to excel

Influence: Building strong relationships to enroll people

When working together with us on Leadership Efficacy you will gain the following insights and outcomes.

Insights: Leadership impact and effectiveness.

Outcomes: Direction, Design, Efficacy Influence.

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