Students with an expert coach/mentor will have an advantage for dealing with the academic and social challenges facing them during their long academic career over the students whose primary “coaches” are their peers.The principle behind coaching is that by listening and asking for more, the client discovers the most prudent solution for reaching the desired change in meeting his or her set goals and challenges. Mentoring diverges from coaching in that the mentor’s outside advice, knowledge and experience are brought into the dialogue between the mentor and client. The coach/mentor for students brings both coaching and mentoring approaches to the relationship.

Your coach/ mentor will listen and provide advice that will help you maximize your opportunities and minimize unproductive behavior or activities. The specific areas your coach/mentor can work together with you are:

Career Planning
Development Planning
Emotional Preparation

Career Planning and Assessment:

Your coach/mentor provides you with a consultation after reviewing the results of your personalized career assessment using career evaluation tools that account for your personality, interests, skills, and values. The consultation and assessment results will give you more knowledge of yourself as you make a decision of where and what you plan to study as you create an academic game plan that supports your career and life goals.

Personal Development Planning:

This involves developmental coaching and strengths-based coaching, to help you understand and maximize your personal interests and strengths, while minimizing your weaknesses. If you choose, this may entail developing your emotional intelligence in areas of self-understanding, managing emotional triggers, gaining empathy, and improving social intelligence. Progress will be measurable, and targets will be specific.

Emotional Preparation:

Preparing you emotionally for new challenges and opportunities such as study-abroad, dealing with a difficult course, or taking advantages of resources that are available in your place of learning. If you choose, this may also include the influence your friends play in helping or hindering you in preparing you for the challenges in the present and the future. Based on the description of these three areas, there are overlaps. Your strengths are a variable where “Career Planning” and “Development Planning” overlap. Your personality and maturity stated as “Who am I?” is a variable where “Development Planning” and “Emotional Preparation” overlap. Your interests are a variable where “Emotional Preparation” and “Career Planning” overlap. Healthy emotional intelligence is at the center where the three spheres overlap in the corresponding figure.

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